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HRH Joysin, NZ's Tallest Dominatrix

Permanently Based in Hamilton 

MP3 Recorder (Fragile Heart)



Hello and welcome to my website,

I want to start by letting you know a little bit about myself. Before I became a Dominatrix, I worked all my life in the helping industry. I have L1&2 in Counselling and have been continuously certified in Risk Assessment, Infection Prevention Control and First Aid for the past 20 years. It was during my former career that I found my strength lay in being able to adapt my approach to differing people with differing needs. Clients grew in themselves due to my mix of unmovable boundaries and honest celebration of even their tiniest victories.

This aspect of my personality is what makes me a fantastic Dominatrix. I am just as excited to fuss over the nails, hair and makeup of a sissy princess as I am to be dishing out six of the best with my full Traditional English cane set. What motivates me is bringing you to a place of complete satiation within the kink of your desire.

Are you a 'vanilla' with kinky curiosities? I promise I will keep you super safe and won't do a single thing past what you want to try. Kink is so very much more than just pain and shoving big things up people's bums! I have plenty of clients who come to me for an expert prostate massage and a chat about life, or for an erotic tie & tease or even just to be cuddled and rocked like a baby by a giant woman who makes them feel small and nurtured.

When I do give pain, I always mix it in with sensual reward. I will be watching your body for signs of distress and I will make sure to intersperse pain strokes to your tush with pleasure strokes to your intimate parts. I may take you to the edge of what you can handle if you have requested this of me, but I see no point in just repeatedly beating a person senseless when they are clearly not enjoying themselves.

I want more than anything for your time with me to be sexy, safe and satisfying.

Mistress Joysin xx